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Of course everybody's storage needs are different - what you need to store, for how long, how often you need access – but the reasons are always the same.  So we try to make self storage as easy and comfortable as possible, with facilities you won't find anywhere else in Cumbria or the Lake District. We are always here to help.

Storage for Visitors and Tourists

What a wonderful place the Lakes is, so much to do and see. But what if you're staying in a hotel, cottage or lodge with no where to securely store your bikes, fishing equipment, hiking gear? That's where we can help - short term storage for a week, in an easy to get to location, and easy access. Affordable for your holiday too.

Storage for Holiday Home & Lodge Owners

Owning a second home in the Lake District is a real privilege and a pleasure. The Lakes are such a wonderful place for all kinds of outdoor activities.  However many cottages are small and without garages; and lodges don't offer space for outdoor equipment. Storing your outdoor equipment - no matter how large or small - is now easy, secure and accessible. Our small units are perfect for bikes, camping equipment, hiking gear etc, our larger ones ideal for boats, kayaks and larger equipment; and our garages ideal for campervans and classic cars. In the winter you can also store garden furniture too.

Business Storage

Having set up a business that became a large multinational company , we understand the growing pains of small businesses, and the  crises that can hit any size business - often caused by lack of available space. So we know what you may be going through. Self storage with us is easy in every aspect - setting up, ongoing needs, access when you need it, and the ability to cancel at short notice. Security is obviously an important issue as well. Most importantly, you're in charge of your costs - there are no hidden costs, no business rates to pay and no long term contract you need to sign. We can also offer you ultimate flexibility as your needs change, by taking on more, or less, storage space with us.

We also live in a unique area of the country, with Britian's most popular tourist area. There are many tourism support companies in the Lakes, from adventure operators, classic car hire companies, cleaning and laundry services, to retailers. As we live here, we understand the unique needs of the area. Holiday cottage companies may want to use us as their change over storage location for laundry; kayak and boat operators may just want over winter storage - the possibilities are endless.

Storage for New Businesses

There are so many great ideas for setting up business - but where you do you start? Working from home is great - but if you're trading, or need stock or equipment, the garage will soon get full!  You also need to keep long term commitments to overhead as low as possible - and one of the riskiest areas for this is space - how much you need, will you outgrow, or over commit on space? Renting space from us is easy - no long term commitments, no business rates to pay, and compleetly flexible to increase or decrease your storage space.

Moving House Storage

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful experiences in life, so our self-storage will allow you to take away of of the major headaches in the process.  Our local, affordable storage is convenient, is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. What's more, there are no long term contracts and no hidden costs. And most importantly, you're in control of your storage unit - you are the only keyholder!

Car, Motorbike and Boat Storage

Our family has two great passions - classic cars and sailing. we designed the mini and maxi warehouses specifically with cars in mind! A perfect place to store your car (or motorbike, campervan) to use in the Lakes, with the extra space for all your other toys! 

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