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OK, they're Storage Containers....BUT​

Not just any old Storage Containers - these are POSH!

Not everything needs to be stored in bespoke units - storage containers are used successfully throughout the world for self storage purposes. But ours are a bit different...

Natural Ventilation

We have bought brand new containers, with extra venting to allow air flow through the container. Most of these small vents are along the sides of the containers, so unlike almost all other storage companies, who maximise space usage by pushing containers immediately next to each other,  we allow a 10 cm gap between the containers, This way, there is a natural ventilation and heat dispersal process.


Light and Power (from summer 2019)

We are one of the very few self storage companies in the UK that offer external power and light to each container. For a small extra cost, you can hook up a rental power and light unit (Future Ball LED) which has a 3600 W power socket, lighting and emergency lighting. Fixed by magnet or hook to the container ceilings or walls, you can use this to power most of your likely requirements - even a dehumidifier, the drain for which we plumb in. So you can provide frost stat heating, trickle chargers, maybe air bubble storage for bikes etc; as well as being able to see clearly in the short winter days.


We can provide and set up racking, although not for short term contracts.


Containers are inherently very secure. However we provide extra protection to cover our high security padlocks.

Available Sizes

We have two sizes available:

20ft (6.06m) long x 8ft (2.43m) wide x  8ft (2.43m) high  (1280 cubic feet / 36 cubic metres)

8ft (2.43m) long x 5ft (1.52) wide x  8ft (2.43m) high (400 cubic feet / 11 cubic metres)